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Why Businesses Should Go ONLINE

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More than 60% of the population in South East Asia uses Smart Devices and more than 50% of these people shop online

Retail businesses suffer due to the increasing number of online shopping platforms and the ease of shopping anywhere, anytime.

Businesses need to go online to maintain competitiveness and to fulfill the convenience of the customers who shop online

Let's see the costs of the common advertising platforms

Google Ads

The average cost per click is $2.69


Facebook ads

The average cost per click is $1.72


Our Ace Digital Advertising Solution

V-More AdTech Pay per Unique View

Every Unique View is Only US$0.20. No charges when same viewer clicks on your ad.


Let's see some of the advertisers on the platform

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1.Orient watches .jpg
1.Orient watches .jpg

Ready-Friendly Interface for you to track your Sales

Monitor your results 24/7 with ease of your laptop or phone

adtech delivers

Customer Testimonials

A Satisfied Customer

"My business is very badly affected by covid19 with Wedding and catering events canceling one after another.

When a GIVE approached me to try out vmore video ad features, I was hesitant, but I think I have more to lose now if I don’t do anything. I tried a video ad with a half hearted feeling by signing a $1000 30 days campaign.

It’s now 4 days after I put up the ads, with the support from my friends who shared the ad, I have more than 60 enquiries. And I begin to see home delivery orders coming in. It’s very encouraging .... thank you GIVE"

A Satisfied Customer

"We are very glad to engage GIVE to handle our recent company advertising campaign. They reviewed my company old marketing process and advise us to go into digital marketing. Initially we are very reluctant to do it. However the team of GIVE consultants gave us a very professional campaign blueprint.

The response from the campaign is very good. Within just 2 days, we got 50 new visitors following our FB page. Just 2 hours after the advertisement went live, we received 1 booking engaging us to help out with a BTO residential project. We are very glad to have GIVE as our company digital solutions provider."

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